These are the challenges that I am currently participating in, or have participated in in the past!

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My Review Team goals: HERE


For the months of June, July, and August, I will be hosting ARC Clean-Up!  The goal-making post can be found HERE!

Week of June 1 – June 7:
(I’m teaching through the 3rd, and I have a beta read to do this week, so I’m going to try to take it easy on everything else)
Post Days Like This Review
Post Grave Mercy Review
Read Those Girls by Lauren Saft
Read Unwrapping Her Perfect Match by Kat Latham

Week of June 8 – June 14:
Post Saving Gavin Review
Post Unwrapping Her Perfect Match Review
Read CoExist by Julia Crane
Post CoExist Review
Read The Song of David by Amy Harmon for FMR Book Grind
Post Those Girls Review
Read Enhanced by Courtney Farrell
Post Enhanced Review

Week of June 15 – June 21:
(I will be spending 5 days of this week at (or driving to) utopYA Con!  So not much planned for this week either.)
Post Dark Triumph Review
Post The Song of David Review on FMR Book Grind
Listen to audiobook of The Wagered Bride by Teresa McCarthy
Listen to audiobook of The Convenient Bride by Teresa McCarthy
Read Crow’s Rest by Angelica R. Jackson

Week of June 22 – June 29:
Read The Forgotten Mountain by Heather Lyons
Post The Forgotten Mountain Review
Post Crow’s Rest Review
Post Curtsies & Conspiracies Review
Post The Wagered Bride Review
Post The Convenient Bride Review
Read Priest by Sierra Simone
Post Priest Review

Week of June 30 – July 6:
Listen to audiobook of The Mischievous Bride by Teresa McCarthy
Read Elude by Rachel Van Dyken for FMR Book Grind
Read Inside Game by Collette West

Week of July 7 – July 13:
Post The Mischievous Bride Review
Post Elude  Review on FMR Book Grind
Post Inside Game Review
Listen to audiobook of The Duke’s Bride by Teresa McCarthy

Week of July 14 – July 20:
Post The Duke’s Bride Review
Read With Visions of Red – Bk. 2 by Trisha Wolfe

Week of July 21 – 27:
Read Faded by Chloe Miles
Read See No Evil by Chloe Miles
Read Ever After by Chloe Miles
Read Resurrecting Gavin by Venessa Kimball

Week of July 28 – August 3:
Post Faded Review
Post See No Evil Review
Post Ever After Review

Week of August 4 – August 10:
Post With Visions of Red – Bk 2 Review

Week of August 11 – August 17:
Post Resurrecting Gavin Review

Challenges participated in during 2014:

THIS CHALLENGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  My ARC reading and review schedules should be posted by Sunday, March 16th!

Alright, these are my goals for the end of March (Hooray for Spring Break!).  I will keep adding my goals through June 20th (when I am going to UtopYA) as I continue to put together the list of all the ARCs and reviews I need to do.  😀

Through March 28:

Read Twelve Steps ARC
Read The Tyrant’s Daughter ARC
Read Don’t Even Think About It ARC
Read Sekret ARC
Read Revenge Vol. 4 ARC
Post The Tyrant’s Daughter Review
Post Stuck in Between Review (March 25)
Post Twelve Steps Review (March 26)
Post Highland Shift/Highland Pull Reviews on Coffee Talk (March 30)
Post Revenge Vol. 4 Review

March 29-April 4

Read The Here and Now ARC
Read Under the Wide and Starry Sky ARC
Post Don’t Even Think About It Review

April 5-11

Read Nash ARC
Read Playing it Close ARC
Read Jane’s Melody ARC
Post Under the Wide and Starry Sky Review
Post The Here and Now Review
Post Sekret Review

April 12-18

Read The Word Exchange ARC
Read Hold Me Tight ARC
Read The In-Between ARC
Post Playing it Close Review
Post Jane’s Melody Review
Post Rescued Review

April 19-25

Read Second Star ARC
Post The Word Exchange Review
Post The In-Between Review

April 26-May 2

Post Hold Me Tight Review
Post Nash Review
Post Passionate Love of a Rake Review

May 3-9

Post How to Seduce a Band Geek Review

May 10-16

Post Second Star Review

These are the challenges I participated in during 2013.

Eclectic Reader Challenge 2013

Hosted by Book’d Out

The aim of The Eclectic Reader 2013 Challenge is to push you outside your comfort zone by reading up to 12 books during the year from 12 different categories.

Translated fiction – The Healer by Antti Tuomainen
Historical mystery
Romantic suspense – Heart Trouble by Jenny Lyn
Made into a movie – Austenland by Shannon Hale
New Adult – Take Me Now by Faith Sullivan
Urban Fantasy
Dystopian – Reboot by Amy Tintera
Memoir – Buck by MK Asante
LGBT – Made of Stars by Kelley York
Action Adventure
Published in 2013 – Shutdown by Heather AnastasiuARC August

Hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat.
The aim of ARC August is to get through some of our massive ARC piles that we need to get caught up on! There is a $20 gift card on the line!  🙂

Ok, so after listing out all of the ARCs/author copies of books I have to read and post about, I’ve decided these are my goals for ARC August:

August 1-10
Read Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock ARC
Read Facade ARC
Read Bikers and Pearls ARC
Read Stay With Me ARC
Post A Tale of Two Centuries Review

August 11-17
Read Darker Days ARC
Read When Mountains Move ARC
Read Unexpected ARC
Read Elite ARC
Read Untimely ARC
Read More than This ARC
Post Bikers and Pearls Review
Post Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock Review
Post Her Dear and Loving Husband Blog Tour

August 18-24
Read The Edge of Never ARC
Read The Social Code ARC
Read Choice ARC
Read Songs of Willow Frost ARC
Read By the Fates, Freed ARC
Read Hers to Cherish ARC
Post Facade Review
Post Eyes Wide Open Review
Post Stay With Me Review (on
Post The Social Code Review (on the
Post Untimely

August 25-31
Read How to be a Good Wife ARC
Read Breaking Nova ARC
Read How to Love ARC
Read (Never) Again ARC
Post By the Fates, Freed
Post The Edge of Never Review
Post Elite Review