Utopia Resolutions

Utopia Resolutions 2

The #UtopiaResolutions feature, co-hosted by Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous and The Paisley Reader will begin on July 7th!  Links will be posted here to ALL of the guest posts.

Maria Pease

Ashley Bodette

Shantella Benson

J.M. Nash

B. J. Sheldon

Venessa Kimball

Carlyle Labuschagne

Kallie Ross

Susan Burdorf

Suzanna Lynn

Michaela Mills

Kelly Risser

Liz Long

Ali Winters

Allyson Gottlieb

Colleen Nye

M. H. Soars

Christina Benjamin

Susan Burdorf – UPDATE

(And if you want to check out last year’s resolutions, you can find them below.)

In case you missed them, here are links to ALL of the 2014-2015 (unofficial) #utopYAResolutions posts from Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous and The Paisley Reader: